We are more than just home staging. We are a collection of makers, builders, artists, cooks, brewers, dreamers, and musicians who have come together to create a uniquely evolving showroom and marketplace experience in the finest homes in Phoenix. Our goal is twofold- to showcase our staged homes at their absolute best, and expose the finest craftsmen and artists that Arizona has to offer. When we stage a home we are essentially transforming it into a unique event that serves as a showroom, gallery, market, concert and much more for these amazingly talented people of your community. This not only supports local business, but it also makes a home stand out, attracting excited crowds and generating more attention for a property than any typical staging company could offer. Our staging is custom for every one of our clients, making each event truly one of a kind. We thank you for your support and hope you will consider us when you are looking to stage your home.

-Anthony W

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Amy Radcliffe | www.amyrad.squarespace.com | @amyrad
Bill Franevsky | 602.689.7208 | william.franevsky@gmail.com | @williammichaelfrankenstein
Bill Taggart | www.society6.com/dadsocks | @dadsocks
Breakup Shoes | facebook.com/breakupshoes
Chase Warren Design | www.chasewarrendesign.com | @chasewarrendesign
Dan Yamauchi | 858.922.8247 | dyamauchi@gmail.com | @djydesigns
Desert Loom | www.desertloom.com | desertloom@gmail.com
Draftwood Design | www.draftwooddesign.com | @draftwooddesign
Iron Root | www.ironroot.co | @iron_root
Jason Fischer | 602.721.8905 | jason.fischer@heritagechurchaz.com | @desert_monkey
Lexie Bowers | www.alexandrabowersart.com | lexiebowersart@gmail.com
LumberLust Designs (Ryan) | 480.627.9594 | info@lumberlust-designs.com | @lumberlust_designs
Michael Klinger | themichaelklinger@gmail.com | @michael_klinger
Michael Rodriguez | www.kokopellicustomwoodworks.com | 928.442.6577 | @kokopelliwoodworks
Micah Bentley | www.michahbentley.com
Peter Thomas Designs | www.peterthomasdesigns.com | 480.686.1315 | @peterthomasdesigns
Rain Made Design | www.rainmade.design | 760.505.5159 | @rainmade.design
Ryan Murray | www.ryanmurraystudios.com | @ryanmurraystudios
Sarah Hurwitz | www.sarahhurwitz.com
Shepard Visuals | www.shepardvisuals.com | @shepard_visuals
Standard Wax | www.standardwax.com | @standardwax
Verano Bathery | www.veranobathery.com | @veranobathery
Welded Wilderness [John] | www.weldedwilderness.com | 602.525.6523 | @weldedwilderness
Wood Chef [Michael] | www.facebook.com/woodchef | 602.999.9557 | @thewoodchefaz