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Gold Dust | 2015

gold dust


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When we decided to downsize, we both agreed that didn't mean we had to downgrade...

We saw this as an opportunity to take a stab at launching my full time design career, and I saw this as an opportunity to build my wife the tiny home of her dreams. And the best part was, she didn't get to see it until it was done (I love surprising her with gifts). We picked a house together and then 4 months later she got to see the home I created for her... Considering this townhouse had not been updated since the 80's, let's just say she was very pleased with the results. 

My goal was to turn this house into our home. In order to accomplish this, I left nothing untouched (except one outlet in the master bathroom, just so I could say that). With this home being a gift to my wife, I wanted to give it my all top to bottom (quite literally). I recreated the entire home to perfectly reflect us. I rebuilt the kitchen to be wide open so we can continue conversation throughout the house. I chose every finished material to be as visually stunning as it is functional. I sound-proofed the walls because my bride loves her quiet times (teachers deserve peaceful homes). I made every room capable of being a comfortable space to sit and converse over a cup of coffee. I even built a library, complete with a library ladder from the 1800's because we love to read (and by "we" I mean "my wife.")  To be honest, there is far too much that my heart poured into this home to list every detail. How about you just stop by sometime and I will tell you all about it?

Or you can just look at these amazing photos that my friends over at Shepard Visuals snapped.