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Marks | 2017



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When the Marks' first came to me, they knew they had a problem because their competitively priced home had failed to sell in a very popular neighborhood...

Apparently, there are some things that buyers just cannot overlook... Like having a two-story house with the master bathroom being the only downstairs bathroom... Or having the stairs to the upstairs land three feet in front of the front door... Or having to walk up two steps to the front door, then immediately walk back down two steps when you walk inside... Or having a huge master bedroom paired with a long, awkward L-shaped bathroom that has two separate entrances... Not to mention almost every inch of the place was some shade of brown... So the Marks' came to the conclusion that if they couldn't sell it, they were going to make it into the perfect home for their rapidly-growing family, as they were also pregnant with beautiful twin baby boys.

This was my Rubik's Cube of a project. I wanted to tackle as many of the strange quirks while simultaneously making it a beautiful and exciting home. The first thing that had to go was the unnecessary steps leading to the front door. We tore them out, dropped the doorway, and put in new half-light French doors (the windows in the doors alleviated an area in the house that was dark and thirsty for natural light).

Next was the staircase. We went through a couple different options, and finally landed on a design that accomplished everything we needed. The highlight of this design was that the staircase would no longer land right in front of the door. This opened up the living spaces significantly by making them feel like one big room with an elegant staircase showcased in the middle instead of it feeling like two separate rooms. The open railing decluttered the air so the soaring vaulted ceilings could be fully appreciated. This design even allowed for a small loft space upstairs.

Next was the "bathroom situation."  There was only one bathroom downstairs, the master, which meant guests were forced to use that or walk upstairs to use the guest bathroom. To fix this, we added a cozy half-bath under the brand new staircase.  Then, we decided to spice up the master bathroom.  The goal was to create something spacious and open, but the Marks' also wanted a bathtub so mom wouldn't have to haul two babies upstairs to the guest bathroom at bath time. Also, in the bathrooms I design I really like to have a desk built into the vanity for a powder chair, and I also try to have a separate water closet for the toilet (because everyone likes their privacy...)  We went round and round and finally landed on a plan that delivered it all. The Marks' now have a huge quartz double vanity with a built-in desk, a separate water closet, a big walk-in rain shower complete with bench and natural light, a spacious walk-in closet, and all of this wraps around a beautiful soaking tub set underneath an epic chandelier... Considering how many obstacles we faced, this bathroom was quite the achievement.

Lastly, we updated the "50 shades of brown" throughout the house with a bright white on the walls paired with large planks of soft gray woodgrain tile and lush new charcoal carpet. The fireplace got tweaked and refaced to become the new centerpiece of the room. We installed tall, white baseboards, and then threw a classy wooden railing on the stairs to complete this fresh ranch-style home... And just like that the Marks have a lovely, new, functional home for their lovely, new, chaotic life as parents of twin boys.