Anthony W Design

Bench | 2014




I'm a sucker for stories...

I'm also a bit of a perfectionist. So when I decided to ask the love of my life for her hand in marriage, you better believe I wanted to make it count. We traversed back to my homeland (Kodiak, Alaska) for her to take the final test - getting mommy's approval...  Once she passed that test (within the first 10 minutes), I had to get to work. I knew how and where, but there was something missing. I wanted to have something more than pictures. I wanted a piece of this day to be in our house forever. I wanted to build a bench.

For several days while we waited for the dreary rain to stop, I played it cool and planned it all out in my head. (Well, my wife would tell you I was visibly stressed out as I planned it all out in my head.) But the point is, after working through several designs, I had it. My desire was for it to represent the place it was built, yet be simple enough to make it a timeless piece. My mom found the perfect piece of driftwood on the beach to be used as the seat of the bench. For the legs, I decided to go with simple rebar. But, since this is me we are talking about, of course it couldn't be just legs. I wanted it to be a continuous piece of 20-foot bent rebar.

The rain stopped. It was time. I woke up early with my brother and stepdad and we got to bending. After a couple of hours and one snapped piece of rebar, we did it. We bolted the legs to the bottom of the bench, staged it in the perfect setting in my mom's backyard overlooking the Pacific, and the rest is history...

She said yes, by the way.